Food supply, agriculture

The construction of the two new Units at the nuclear power plant will result in long-awaited innovations and developments in many areas in the region. This includes agriculture, mostly in connection with feeding the workers helping to complete the nuclear facility.

It is important that businesses, mainly from the region, offering good quality and an appropriately wide range of agricultural market products have the opportunity to appear in the food chain. It is essential that developments occur to facilitate this. The businesses that grow stronger in this period may later be able to expand their market, which is in the interest of the region’s economic and social development.

PIP Nonprofit KFT treats serving the needs of the large labour force and their families coming to the region as a high priority; in other words it strives to ensure that the obligations to supply the food needs arising from the Paks II investment are met at a high standard.

It is also paramount to ensure that the standard of service provided for the people already resident here is maintained and that businesses are prepared to make good use of the concomitant market opportunities.

The main task of the food supply and agriculture area is to provide catering and commercial services at the locations designated for housing. Other important tasks include business development, improving the agricultural logistics centre, agricultural training and managing labour shortages.

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