PIP Nonprofit KFT was appointed by Government Decision 1499/2019 of 23 August 2019 to develop the full infrastructure required for the investment targeting the preparation of the two new Units (Units 5 and 6) of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, and in particular the housing stock that needs to be created and expanded to accommodate the professionals engaged for the implementation of the General Contract.

PIP Nonprofit KFT’s main goal and task is the development of regional infrastructure, localisation, and business and housing development related to the investment of the two new nuclear power plant Units in Paks. Building the support infrastructure required for the project is a prerequisite of the Paks II investment. We are endeavouring to ensure that sufficient housing units will be ready for the builders of the nuclear plant in good time.

Our Company plays a very active part in the groundwork of regional development and defining development directions. Regional development considerations and needs assessment play an important role also from the aspect of the successful implementation of the housing programme and the post-project use of the properties.

Several thousand employees and their families are expected to arrive in the region in connection with the Paks II investment. The housing programme encompasses the construction of apartment blocks, light-framed and modular houses, and workers hostels to serve different levels of comfort.