Industrial utilities development

PIP Nonprofit KFT was appointed by Government Decision 1499/2019 of 23 August 2019 to develop the full infrastructure required for the investment targeting the preparation of the two new Units of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant.

The water utility system of Paks and the surrounding communities is intended to serve the current requirements, and its technical specifications are geared to the existing residential and industrial volumes.

The housing and industrial demand arising during the Paks II. investment will pose serious challenges for the water utility system of the communities concerned. To meet the increased demands, investments expanding the system capacity are needed, including the drinking water and waste water networks, storm water drainage and collection, and the development of waterworks, wells and waste water treatment plants.

These developments are essential for the system to meet the drinking water needs of the new residential and industrial areas, and to ensure the disposal of waste water.

In order to achieve the housing and regional development goals, one of the Company’s major tasks involves the renewal and in some cases complete development of the utilities of the properties in the region.

These developments affect the supply of drinking water, waste water disposal, storm water drainage, energy supply (gas, electricity, distance heating) and telecommunications.