Industry and business development

Modern industrial infrastructure is the cornerstone of the development of the region because it attracts investment capital, and aids and accelerates businesses locating and becoming established here. Our objective is to develop the right infrastructure for small and medium-sized enterprises, including companies involved in the construction of Paks II.

It is anticipated that a considerable number of companies will take part in the realisation of the Paks II investment, and several hundred businesses are likely to be continuously present in the area during the construction period. To be able to satisfy the expected needs, we intend to create industrial sites, and to construct logistics buildings and production halls.

By developing the regional transport infrastructure, nodes will come into being that justify per se the establishment of logistics bases. While the Paks II. project is being carried out, considerable amounts of materials, equipment and structures will have to be delivered and assembled in the preparation and construction phases, and subsequently during operation. Due to its logistical position and security status, receiving these at the construction site can only be done smoothly with precise timing and excellent organisation.

The aim is to involve as many Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises as possible in the construction or execution processes of the Paks II. project. Bearing this in mind, significant demand can also be expected in this segment for smaller size plants and rental arrangements.