Paksi Ipari Park Kft., the predecessor of the regional development non-profit company PIP Közép-Duna Menti Térségfejlesztési Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (short name: PIP Nonprofit KFT), was established on 17 June 1997 with the main task of creating and operating the Paks Industrial Park.

A significant change in the Company’s life occurred on 18 December 2017 when it became wholly owned by the Hungarian State. The minister without portfolio responsible for the design, construction and commissioning of the two new Units of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant represents and acts on behalf of the founder of PIP Nonprofit KFT.

After the change of owner, the Company’s former industrial park, property utilisation and incubation functions broadened considerably, its range of activities was expanded by preparatory, coordination and implementation roles, and its territory increased. Thus now it not only affects the town of Paks, but also the Central Danube region.

The main objective of PIP Nonprofit KFT is the implementation of project developments related to and necessary for the construction of the two new Units of the nuclear power plant, and thus the execution and coordination of housing, infrastructure development and business development tasks, as well as activities affecting regional and territorial development.

The Company plays a very active part in the groundwork of regional development and defining development directions. Regional development considerations and needs assessment play an important role in enabling us to facilitate the region’s social and economic growth, and the strengthening of competitiveness alongside the Paks II. investment.