Responsible company


Social responsibility plays a key role in PIP Nonprofit KFT’s life. Our Company believes in the importance of protecting the environment, supporting people in need and shaping the attitudes of our employees so that eco-consciousness and willingness to offer help become part of everyday life.
With environmental protection in mind, when undertaking new property and industrial investments, we consider the existing locations of trees and adjust the siting of our buildings to them. Our commitment to environmental protection is clearly shown by the several hundred saplings we have planted in the surroundings of our facilities. Furthermore, in our projects we take special care to use modern engineering approaches that help conserve the environment.

On several occasions we have organised donations for children in need and for the treatment and operations of sick children. Of these, the Christmas donation in 2019 and in 2020 jointly organised with Paks II. Zrt. and offered by the employees for children living in care homes is of particular note.

PIP Nonprofit KFT and Paks II. Zrt. in conjunction with the Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service have organised blood donations for several years. Many of our employees take part on these occasions, showing their commitment.

We focus our attention on the inhabitants of the town of Paks and the surrounding area, hence we supported the opening of the Paks branch of the NYITOK Learning Centres Network. Thanks to our cooperation, the residents of the region can take part in free training and courses. By participating, those attending the training activities improve their chances when applying for jobs.

Reflecting our approach, a number of our employees participated in a comprehensive first aid course organised by the National Ambulance Service, whose objective was to ensure that, when needed, professional assistance is on hand at all our sites.