In order to increase the efficiency of tourism development and marketing activity, developments need to be implemented in line with a consistent strategy and unified coordination. For this reason the region’s tourism developments and the recommendations of tourist services must be duly implemented.

One priority is to extend the length of stay of visitors by increasing the range of comprehensive services on offer, strengthening the synergies concealed in regional solidarity, partnership and cooperation; the appearance of locally made food and products in tourist services; and broadening the cultural, leisure and recreational options for local people and newcomers drawn by the investment.

The region’s new tourist attraction: the Central Danube Circle

The Central Danube Circle is a new tourist attraction in the Central Danube region linking the towns and villages on the right and left banks of the river between the bridges in Dunaföldvár and Szekszárd, offered to tourists in the form of experience packages. (The publication Experiences in the Danube Circle can be downloaded here.)

Cycling tours, river-related and rowing events, and hiking experiences are all available in the packages.

The new brand also covers popular, well-frequented historical, cultural and gastronomic tourist attractions located in the area served by PIP Nonprofit KFT, connecting them to the circle as a radial tour. PIP Nonprofit KFT co-operates with service providers in the Central Danube Circle within the framework of a tourism working group.

Visit the Facebook page “Experiences in the Danube Circle”, where the sights, programme packages and gastronomic specialities of the Central Danube Circle are presented day by day.